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TypingMaster Pro
TypingMaster Inc.
TypingMaster Pro 7.0 is a personal typing application that will teach you and help you improve...
...times you missed the letters, the speed you typed...
Mail.Ru Agent
Mail.Ru Agent is Russia’s most popular online communication program providing for you to remain in touch with your...
Mail.Ru Agent is Russia’s most popular online communication program providing for you to remain in...
Flip Words
HipSoft LLC
Flipwords 2.3 is an exciting game with an extraordinary concept of playing. Click on the letters to make...
...make a word by selecting letters horizontally, vertically or diagonally...
GameHouse, Inc.
SCRABBLE 2.6 is a very popular word game. You will have to join letters and get words. The largest...
...will have to join letters and get words. The will get. Each letter will have a number on...
Super TextTwist
GameHouse, Inc.
Super TwistText helps to practice vocabulary. The game is a letters puzzle where the letters... a letters puzzle where the letters are suplied exchanging the letters position, so the...
Super Wild Wild Words
GameHouse, Inc.
Super Wild Wild Words is a funny, entertaining and educational game. You will have to make...
...some words with the letters displayed on the screen ...a chance to guess a letter and find out what...
Super WHATword
Super WHATword is a puzzle games where you need to rearrange letters to form words. You have to click...
...form using the golden letters that will appear during ...button to scramble the letters in search for a...
Boggle® Supreme
funkitron, inc.
For all lovers of word games, Funkitron has launched into the market its new family member named Boggle Supreme...
...For example, for a seven letter word you get immediately...
WordJong To Go
As you could guess from its name, Word Jong to Go is a Mah Jong like game with a little twist. In this game...
...Mah Jong tiles are letters, and instead of ...words with the available letters in the board. Everything...
Academy of Magic
Academy of magic is a puzzle game. Its goal is to make the longest possible words on a lettered-tile board, as you...
Academy of magic is a puzzle/word game. Its goal is to find the longest possible words on a tile...
NHM Writer
Developed by publishers to allow you to write using any of the ten most widely used...
...and its corresponding Latin letter on your keyboard. NHM...
MiniTool Partition Wizard Professional Edition
The Professional Edition of MiniTool Partition Wizard goes beyond standard partition and basic...
...cluster size, the drive letter, rebuild your disks’ MBR...
Ace Translator
Ace Translator is a handy translation tool for your daily multilingual needs. The program employs the power...
...easily translate Web contents, letters, chat, and emails between...
Bookworm Adventures
PopCap Games
The main character of this game is Lex, the Bookworm. He loves to spell out words. His mission is to rescue Cassandra...
...a box of letter tiles from which Lex ...can choose any letter in the box which the letter have to...
WinMount is a compression tool, also a virtual disk tool ( Mount RAR ZIP MOU and CD DVD HDD images as virtual disk/folder )...
Winmount is a powerful windows utility which is dedicated to managing files and disks impressively...
Typer Shark Deluxe
PopCap Games
Typer Shark Deluxe 1.2 is a really surprising game. In the game screen our character is located in the left...
Typer Shark Deluxe 1.2 is an action game developed by PopCap Games, Inc. This game has really low...
MagicISO, Inc.
MagicDisc allows you to create virtual CD/DVD drives and create virtual CD/DVD images that can work exactly as a CD/DVD...
...also customize the drive letter. MagicDisc does not need...
Varamozhi Malayalam Editor
Cibu CJ
Malayalam is the language spoken in Kerala, a southern India state. This program...
...only transforms each English letter into its Malayalam equivalent...
Find and Mount
A-FF Data Recovery
Find and Mount 2.3 is a software that locates and mounts lost partitions in your hard drives. The program supports... mounting and assigning a letter to it.
BUSY is an integrated business accounting software for Micro, Small and Medium businesses. BUSY features: -...
...Invoicing. - User-configurable Documents / Letter.